Most of our children have moved out around a year–out of our bedroom, that is.  Some sooner, but by about 12 months they all have…until Lucia. She is 13 months now and just moved out of our room today.  We are happy that we have our space for us, but at the same time, we are sad that she is getting big so fast!

We turned the direction of Penelope’s bed, and set Lucia’s up next to it in the bedroom. Now there are 4 children in each of the 2 kids’ bedrooms. 


A week ago Saturday, while Melissa was visiting, Lucia stood up for a little bit on her own!  She had been holding onto the table on the front porch and let go and continued standing. Since then, she hasn’t done it again!  Until today!  We were out front visiting with our neighbors, and Lucia stood!  Well, Jerry stood her up and when he let go, she remained standing for just long enough for a picture!

And…back down she goes!

Lucia tried her first slice of watermelon today!


The older five children had choir practice at Church this morning. While they were practicing we dropped the fruit off at home and then took a quick trip to “Wild Birds Unlimited.”  We bought our pole and hooks and feeders there last year and wanted to get the squirrel baffle this year and some new parts too. We added the clear feeder as well as got a new seed cylinder and some suet for the suet holder too!

This afternoon we worked on trimming up some on the front yard trees. After a few very stron storms, we knew it was time to pull some dead branches and trim up stuff that was too close to the house/street/heads when walking!


We made a quick trip to Sprouts for fruit after the pancakes his morning. Whole seedless watermelon for $2.88!  What a deal!  :)  we also grabbed some blueberries, raspberries, hamburger buns for lunch, apples, and pears.

The children were lined up in pairs so sweetly- Katie with Lilly, Tony with Sarah and Meghan with Josephine. Once we finished crossing the parking lot though, several raced to up by Jerry to see the watermelons!


We joined our Church Community for a Pancake Breakfast at Applebee’s this morning!  It was yummy and a lot of fun!


Some of the younger girls helped to do a simple chemistry project with me this afternoon. We had gone to see a Chemistry presentation with a professor from UT this morning, so we came home for more!  We made simple “toilet bowl fizzies” together. It was fun, and they do fizz when dropped into the toilet.:)


Lucia kept rubbing her nose on Jerry’s this evening. It was rather cute. But, as soon as I went to take a picture, she-of course-stopped!


We walked down to the park this afternoon. Lillian and Katie were at the house finishing up school, and Katie called to let me know when they finished and were heading our way. It was such a beautiful day!!

Once Katie and Lillian made it to the park I had to walk home with the little girls who needed a bathroom break!  :)

Lucia was helping me with the laundry today!  She was adding her birthday wool balls to the dryer load.:)


Dinner smells amazing–cooking in the Nesco!


Tony baked and decorated the cake for tea time this week!

Homemade chocolate cake with homemade strawberry jam filling and chocolate buttercream icing with grass, flowers, and a river. 

I made 48 Fresh Mozzerella Italian Meatloaf Muffins topped with Garlic Herbed Mashed Potatoes and green beans for dinner. Yum. That was the vote from all of the children!

The meatloaf was a mixture of 3 lbs deer, 1 lb beef, and 1 lb ground pork. Pretty fun to make something with 4 lbs of meat that we cut and ground ourselves!  Jerry asked if I wrote down the recipe, I should probably do that while it’s fresh on my mind.  They also have 8 of those yummy eggs from this morning in them.😉. Protein loaded!

We seem to have very happy chickens.:). Their production levels are doing really well!  With 13 hens we seem to be getting a solid 9-10 eggs every day, some days more. This led to my collection of 36 eggs this morning.😉. I hadn’t collected Saturday, Sunday or Monday. I came in to realize that we had 6 dozen eggs in the fridge!  Also, we ran out of egg cartons once I put all of the eggs away!!


It is no exaggeration to say that we have a lot of laundry.:). So, we needed a better sorting system. Here is the new sorting system!  So far, it’s a heavenly blessing!


The limestone block for edging the pathways was delivered today. One step closer to the backyard being fixed up!!  :)

It was really quite impressive watching it come off of the trailer. It’s quite the elaborate set-up. Four TONS of rock!  :)

Our tropical milkweed was such a great choice to put into our butterfly garden last year. We saw so many beautiful Monarchs last fall!  We look forward to when they come back through this spring–maybe we will see some caterpillars!  Right now, we are soaking these seeds from the seed pods overnight, so we can begin planting more for this year!


I think I might have found another item for my business!  Candles!  This was such a fun project!  I’m glad we decided to make taper candles!  The children all really enjoyed helping and after we finished, we lit one of the tapers. They are made from 100% organic beeswax-and they burn completely. No drips or mess. No wax unused. The taper we made-which was, in the end, a little skinny, burned for 6.5 hours!  It had the slightest sweet smell–we plan to figure out how to add scents and maybe colors.:)


This is SO cute!


We had two nice kohlrabi growing in the garden. I harvested them today.:)

I also harvested one purple cauliflower. I chopped it all up and we had 100% organic kohlrabi, cauliflower, and broccoli soup for dinner. It was delicious!  After having a lunch of Katie’s deer that we ground up in December in our spaghetti for lunch, it was a nice finish to our day. We put in a lot more work on moving the last of the 14 yards of dirt that were delivered on Tuesday. It’s all spread now and we will likely need more. To finish out the garden bed and to fill in the block wall. But, that will have to wait. We are having 4 tons of limestone edging delivered tomorrow!



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