After Mass this morning, we went to get some breakfast. Instead of going to a restraint we decided to go to the grocery store and let each child pick one donut and then a bunch of fruit. :). Made for a delicious fruit fest breakfast!


We had a wonderful time tonight seeing Pope Francis on the big screen at Church!  There was a big potluck dinner and SO many folks there!  By the time I thought to snap a photo many had headed home with little ones for bed!  It was packed!


We completed week six of school today!  Six weeks done only 30 left to go!  I think we can do this!  So far things are progressing well. We are all looking forward to the 9th week that has lots of review time in several subjects and a little less hands-on and more reading. :) 

I turned 13 middle of May and got my first pair of glasses towards the end of July/early August of that same year. Katherine turned 13 end of June this year and just got her first pair of glasses. Same age as I was. Same problem. Near sighted. I hadn’t realized she was having problems seeing until we pulled up to Sonic about a week and a half ago and she told me she couldn’t read the slushy flavors to everyone because she couldn’t see them… So, off to the eye doctor we went (Tony too-who is slightly near sighted but they didn’t feel he needed glasses just yet). 

Isn’t she beautiful? 

This is my picture with my first pair of glasses. My glasses were not nearly as pretty as hers-technology and styles have come a long way!


Lucia has been rolling over for a while now–but she still hates it. Seriously. She can be happily enjoying her toys chilling (for 2-3 minutes assuming she has a full belly) but the instant she rolls over the crying begins!  She won’t stay on her back anymore and gets so mad on her belly and just screams. Almost 6 months old and not a single sign of crawling or anything because she hates tummy time!!


I have plenty of baby birds around–not just the five baby chicks outside–


 What’s she waiting for?

Steamed broccoli…
At least they’re good eaters. :). If only they didn’t eat all of my lunch–which yes, was a bowl of broccoli today!

Hopefully this isn’t a sign of what is to come in this day…


We are almost halfway through week 6 of our school year here at Thomas More Academy!  So great!  All 6 students are doing very well. :)

My favorite part of school work today was Lilly joining in for Sarah’s Health work when Sarah was looking up and reading Bible Verses about “Behaving in Public”. Some of the verses also went nicely with part of Lilly’s Health lesson about respecting others. :)


We picked up something ew this camping trip–chigger bites!  Yuck!  Poor kids-so many have bites in their private areas. Poor kids. :(. Lots of hydrocortisone being used to avoid itching and scratching them open!  Looks like they’ve done lots of studies and know now that the chiggers done stay in the bites, so no need for nail polish or bleach ;). Just treat the itching and wait for them to heal! 

Katie and Abigail are the only two that don’t seem to have any bites. Lucia got one on her foot the first night and when we woke up the second morning half of her foot was red and swollen up!  :(. We watched carefully for signs of infection (not knowing then what had bitten her!). 

We aren’t officially “feeding” Lucia yet. But, she has eaten a few things here or there. Her first non-formula food was a piece of tomato a distant cousin force fed her at a family reunion. The next was a piece of fresh pair that I was eating. :). Then she had some mashed avocado. The had a taste of applesauce and some smashed up banana. She has had a bit of oatmeal (spit it out) and then while camping she needed something and we had no more formula and were eating dinner at a local diner. The only fruit was peaches in heavy syrup…and I wasn’t ready to try eggs. ;). Everything else was breaded or buttered, etc. All very tasty, but not baby fare. Then, I found some crackers. Saltines to the rescue. She was enamored!  So, I still had some in the diaper bag and when Jerry and I had Sarah on her date night tonight. She was fussing and not really interested in her bottle. So, I pulled out a cracker. So cute!  Great hand to mouth skills and working hard to mash it up!






Once or twice she followed Jerry’s ice cream spoon, but went right back to her cracker!  :)


Lucia just finished her bottle and was fighting sleep. It was classic I’m not tired baby stuff. ;). Rubbing eyes, sleepy song, pulling her pacifier out every time her eyes started to shut. Sweet baby. But, now she’s peacefully snuggled up. :). I love being Mommy. 

If you’ve ever been to our house–and used the laundry bathroom you will surely appreciate this upgrade– 


Today, Jerry took Katie, Tony, and Meghan to  their Hunter’s Safety class. So, the little five and I got some projects done. We painted a stone that we were given as a gift several years ago with an etched image of St. Francis on it. Then, we re-potted the 3 plumeria plants into bigger pots. Then, we made a trip to Texas Natural Gardener and bought some plants I had been researching to create a butterfly garden. :).  


When time came to close the coop tonight we were 7 chickens short. So, Jerry went looking. Sadly, he found them all together, but 2 had died. They were shut into an area that they could not get out of and it is just so hot here right now. The survivors spent a long time drinking and walking in the water dish. Hopefully they got enough water and all recover the rest of the way overnight. The two that died were Sarah’s chicken, Cloudy, and Lillian’s chicken, Indian. That was my initial thought “please don’t let one of them be Indian.”  The girls were both very sad but helped bury them and we pulled a few distinct tail/wing feathers from each hen that the girls wanted to keep. 

Now to begin the process of figuring out if we can bring more chicks into the current flock or if we have to start buying eggs–a 14 egg loss each week is more than we can cover up for. We have been using up all of them and sometimes wishing there were more!

While we were in Wisconsin, Jerry’s Mom and I had gone to Costco to get groceries for our visit. We needed two pork loins–their Costco had ONLY 2. I was explaining to her how bizarre that was–mostly because ours always has lots and lots of them. While getting groceries tonight I took a picture for her. ;)


It’s official. Our books are here and in order. We will do a soft start tomorrow (getting to know their books and getting to glance through them all) using our new schedule for this year. We will see how it goes, and as always, adjust as needed. With Katherine starting college classes as well as 9th grade, some flexibility will be required to deliver her to and from campus. :). This year we have 6 students enrolled!  😍

Katherine- 9th grade at St. Thomas More Academy and incoming Freshman at ACC

Tony- 6th grade at St. Thomas More Academy

Meghan- 6th grade at St. Thomas More Academy 

Lillian- 3rd grade at St. Thomas More Academy

Sarah- 2nd grade at St. Thomas More Academy 

Josephine- Preschool at St. Thomas More Academy 
Penelope and Lucia will be my um…assistants. :). Making sure we don’t lose sight of the beauty of homeschooling. We fully integrate our homeschool day into our lives. School isn’t this “separate” thing that we dress for or go away to here at St. Thomas More Academy. Our school day is integrated into our daily lives. We begin with religion, devotion, and prayer time during breakfast. Then morning chores before a walk and PE class. Then right into Math. We take breaks to do laundry and tidy up. We take afternoon tea time for poetry and to learn about the Saints of the Day and pray the Divine Mercy at 3. I mentioned that we don’t dress for school–often I find myself rushing a few little ones to get dressed before Daddy comes home from work. Sometimes I find someone still in pajamas at dinner time and I thank them for saving on the laundry. I also said we don’t go away to school–most days. We do have a memory work coop that we attend every other week and we do have to leave the house for that time (though we work daily on our memory work). For us, this works. I love seeing and hearing what our friends do!  We’re always finding new ideas to incorporate or new things to try. I know that each family finds their own way to make school work-and no two will be the same!  This is a glance into the system that has evolved for us over these last 10 years. We begin year 11 this fall!  From preschool with Katherine until now it’s been quite the journey!  


Thanks for sharing in our journey!  Would love to hear how your days go!  What makes school (public, home, private, virtual, etc) work for your family?

The children and I made a cool 3-D puzzle this morning. That was fun!


Well, months ago I found this thing on the curb with a paper taped to it that said “FREE”.  So, I got it!  I worked to remove all of the fire ants that were inhabiting it. I brought it home and scrubbed it down and washed the seat. Then loaned it out to a friend. :). Now it’s back and today Lucia got to sit in it for the first time. She was so tickled!!



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